Microsoft Teams will make it easier to work with different work accounts

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft team announced that it will develop a new dynamic that will make it easier for them to communicate with different work teams using Teams from the desktop application.

While it lets us configure a work account and a personal account from the app, it does not have support to support multiple work accounts. A situation that could change in 2022.

Microsoft Teams will allow working with different work accounts from the desktop

Although Microsoft Teams has many tools that facilitate teamwork, since it takes into account different scenarios, it is only possible to use one work account per application. So if you work with different teams and use Teams, you will have to log out of one account to log in with a different one.

So unless you apply some trick using different apps from Microsoft Teams, you will have to repeat this action every time you want to communicate with different work groups. Not only is it a tedious task but it also steals time.

Microsoft wants to fix this problem by allowing Teams to support multiple work accounts from the desktop app. This would allow you to move from one account to another without problems, with a dynamic similar to Slack.

As the team of Microsoft In response to repeated requests from users, they hope to bring this feature next year:

We hear and hear loud and clear that you want support for multiple work accounts in the Teams desktop apps. We are continuing our work to support this, including updating our current application architecture to ensure robust performance and functionality. Given the complexity of this work, we are targeting the second half of calendar year 2022 in order to support this.

And it is not the only Teams dynamic that will make it easier to work with different work teams. Microsoft will also roll out a new update for cross-organization collaboration, which will make it easier to work with teams outside of the company without using third-party applications.

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