New 3D printed houses in the United States using COBOD printers

3D printers in the construction world are not only the future, they are already the present, and from time to time they send us projects that show that it is something more than “an experiment”.

In this case, it was the Danish 3D construction printer company COBOD International that sent us a press release with some new residential projects in the United States, sometimes multi-story 3D printed houses.

The company already has experience in printing of this type in Europe, even printing wind towers in 3D, and they are now arriving in the US, where they are growing quite a bit. You can see their projects in

Among the projects in the United States we have:

– A project of PERI Group, client and minority investor of COBOD. Below you can see one of the houses, 160 m2, for Habitat for Humanity, an NGO that works with affordable social housing. You can see the details in this link.

3d houses

– A house in Williamsburg printed by Alquist3D, a company that received the COBOD printer shortly before the summer of this year. It has 145 m2, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

– Printed Farms Florida recently 3D printed its second building. It is the first 3D printed residential home made in Florida.

3d houses

These 3D printed concrete houses are real, there are people who will live inside, they are not just demonstrations. They are resistant, with high durability and efficiency, with lower maintenance costs and cheaper to acquire, although they are still very high prices for many people who are homeless.

The idea is that in the future it will be so simple and fast to create a house that its price is really appropriate to the needs of billions of people, people who today invest practically everything they have in having something as basic as a roof .

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