These are 5 of the best free Prime Gaming games for the month of November

As usual every month, Amazon Prime Gaming has presented what will be the free video games for this month of November, and this time surprise us with some big names.

Amazon has really decided to bet big on monthly free games for its Prime Gaming users, offering a collection of high caliber when it comes to video game quality for this month of November, and today we will be showing you the 5 best.

We started this list strong, and that is that Control is a video game from Remedy Entertainment (developers of titles such as Max Payne or Alan Wake), which managed to obtain rave reviews since launch in 2019, in addition to being present in a large number of nominations and even winning a The Game Award and another BAFTA.

This is an action-adventure video game in the third person, with a intriguing and paranormal story where its protagonist acquires paranormal powers. Without a doubt a great title that you must have in your collection.

Another name that surprises in this list is that of Rise of the Tom Raider, a game recognized by anyone and that has achieved a great reputation since its launch. Have fun with the adventures of the iconic Lara Croft and continue with his father’s investigations of the city of KitezhAlso, do not forget that you must face a dangerous sect that seeks the Divine Source, capable of granting immortality.

Lovers of role-playing games must be very excited to know that they will be able to count on free a title from the Dragon Age franchise, and even more if it is the third game of this, we talk about the Dragon Age Inquisition.

This video game (which you will have to change from Origin) was crowned in 2014 with the The Game Award for Game of the Year, added to Best Role Playing Game, so you can be sure that, you will witness an epic adventure of dragons and fantasy to the fullest, this being the end for RPG games developed by BioWare.

We now come across Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, a dungeon and adventure game that, despite being more modest compared to the previous ones, lacks nothing in terms of its theme and classic history, where 4 people will have to play to fight in Thasos. Here you must create your village, make life fishing, farming and fighting against enemies to overcome the dungeons.

Finally, we talk about Liberated, an interactive mystery video game that looks like a real comic (indeed it is), on which various characters and all their decisions must be controlled in a dark future world controlled by technology. Turns out to be strikingly attractive due to its graphics, plus it tells an entertaining story for the player.

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