Why it is better to use the Wikipedia app than its website

Internet searches turn out to be absolutely essential for millions of people day after day, and Wikipedia is the virtual encyclopedia that generates the most searches worldwide.

With more than 31 million visits a day according to numbers from the same platform, it is an encyclopedia that, although many do not know it, offers certain advantages to the user who uses the application, this on those who enter from the web page.

Taking into account the above, what not many know is that the platform’s app has some special functions, which make the experience of searching for information better, especially if you are a frequent user of Wikipedia. Therefore, below we will be showing some of those advantages that you can find in the app so that you can explore them.

The content index of the articles is much more organized and comfortable


Everyone who usually uses the Wikipedia website knows that, in all the articles, the table of contents is located by default in the initial section. This, depending on the article itself, can consume a lot of space on the same page, making it impractical.

Now, the app has an index located in a much more comfortable and deployable way, finally from any depth of the article. To display it, you just have to click on the button Contents in the lower right corner of the screen.

Allows you to search for information by voice


Information searches by voice turn out to be a tool that millions of people use in different apps, and Wikipedia has joined this initiative so that its users can carry out your research more comfortably and easily. Look for the microphone button in the upper right part of the search engine to be able to do your searches by voice.

You can save articles to read them offline


Without a doubt, this is one of the best functions that the app presents, since it allows you to have at hand all that information that you may need later to carry out your investigations, even if you don’t have an internet connection. For this you will only have to enter the article that interests you and click on the small flag of Keep, located in the bottom bar of the screen.

Investigate all the events in the section of To explore


Another option that is most interesting about this app is the possibility of look at all relevant events, articles most frequented by users recently, featured articles, events that happened on a day like today throughout history, among many other things.

Adjustable interface for all tastes


Comfort always comes first for users, and this is what Wikipedia provides its users with the option to customize the interface of the app. Within an article, click on the box that is named Theme, which will raise the settings panel. In this you can configure the size of the font, the brightness of the screen and even if you want to have the background light by default, or the dark one to have a more relaxed reading.

Below you have a link to download the Wikipedia app on your Android mobile, so go for it by pressing here.

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