A full truck of EVGA RTX graphics cards have been stolen

The semiconductor crisis, and consequent lack of chips, is affecting several sectors, including graphics cards. The ones that exist have gone up a lot in price, and the new ones are reaching the stores by dropper.

That makes the cards worth their price in gold, which is why criminals target them throughout the distribution process.

They count on the EVGA forum, that a group of thieves took away a truckload of EVGA RTX 30-Series graphics cards, a truck that was going from San Francisco to the EVGA distribution center in Southern California. They have not yet disclosed how many they have stolen, but they will surely appear on eBay and black market stores.

All cards have a registered serial number, so they advise that if you buy one online, check if the serial number is marked on EVGA’s stolen list. This can be found out when trying to register the card in the My Products section of said website. If the card can be successfully registered, it is probably because it has not been stolen.

They remember that it is illegal to “buy or receive” stolen goods, in the same way that it is a crime to hide, sell, retain or help conceal the sale or retention of these cards. They will prevent the cards from being registered, and logically they will not accept any guarantee or claim to update them.

Currently there is a police investigation in progress, and they cannot divulge many details, but if you see a “suspicious” card for sale online, you can ask by email at to verify if it is one of the stolen.

Last year $ 340,000 worth of GeForce RTX 3090 cards were stolen directly from the factory in China, cards that cost $ 1,499 per unit. These cards can also be used to mine cryptocurrencies, which is why they are becoming more and more valuable.

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