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If we were to order a bike accessory from China, the first one was to run through the Rockbros stuff. It is characterized by a huge selection of products, cheap accessories, quality products. You can also buy a lot of stuff at home, but everything from Aliexpress is much cheaper. There are plenty of Alis stores selling their products, without claiming completeness, here are a few: ROCKBROS Official Store, Rockbrosbike Store, Cycleling Store, Camlife Store, BICYCLEMALL Store, GOBICYCLE Store. Each store specializes in cycling, so you can find goods from other manufacturers. Remember to collect store coupons, and let’s put this and that from these stores in our cart if you like.


Released a few days ago our test from one of Xoss ’speedometers, so we have a very fresh experience with the brand. If you are looking for a cycling computer, this is perhaps the most suitable brand. The IGPSPORT not bad either, those tools are also worth checking out. Products from both manufacturers can be found on Aliexpress, to XOSS has an official store and IGPSPORT can be ordered from several places. In the world of cycling computers, these stores are worth browsing: Towild Cycling Store, SoRider Store, ChangYe Riding Store, BikeGPS Store, Bikego Store.


A Kawasaki mostly strong in badminton and squash stuff. For the Chinese, these are national sports, so they make very good products on the subject, though they also have a lot of clothing that is perfect for other sports as well. They have slightly higher priced porters, but they are usually quality. You may want to scroll through the their official storebecause there will be promotions at 11.11 normally. Not only this store sells Kawasaki products, but also the Green Suger Sportsin, and a VIP Sporting Store-ban is.

Li-Ning, Xtep, Onemix

Sports shoes always form a separate group among sports stuff. We’ve already written couple from Aliexpress store, from which it is worth buying shoes, but here we would also mention a couple. Li-Ning is the best of these, but unfortunately for them only the from their official store can be bought. The prices are not bad and the quality is outstandingly good. Xtep is also great quality and they have it too their official store, but you can also install their steps elsewhere, such as Xtep Global Storein and Xiaomijia Store-ban.

There are so many Aliexpresses from Onemix shoes that you don’t have to official store to languish in any case. A pile of this brand of pike is available in a bunch, for example: Xiaomijia Store, sneakers manufcturer Store, Onemix SECOND Store, overseas outlet Store, onemix factory outlet Store, Onemix Online Store.

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