Flic Twist: Smart rotary knob switches Philips Hue, Sonos and Co.

Control the smart home entirely without voice commands and apps: this is made possible by the smart Flic Twist rotary knob.


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The small Smart Home buttons from Flic (Amazon product page*) Many of you will know: With the buttons you can control numerous smart home devices and even Start Alexa routines at the push of a button. Now the company has announced the Flic Twist. The switch is significantly larger than the small Flic buttons and, just like the Flic buttons, enables control of the networked home. Since the twist can not only be pressed but also turned, it can be used, for example, to dim the Philips Hue lighting or to regulate the Sonos volume.

The switch is equipped with two AAA batteries, which according to the manufacturer should last for up to two years. Accordingly, the twist can be easily attached to the wall with a magnetic holder.

Flic Twist
Flic Twist: Controls smart lighting, music, Alexa routines and more.

Flic Twist: Smart Home Switch will get along with Matter

At the start, the smart home switch should be compatible with Philips Hue, Lifx, Nanoleaf, Amazon Alexa, Ifttt, Spotify, Sonos and Ikea Home Smart, among others. In the coming year, the Twist should also be compatible with the overarching smart home standard Matter.

the Kickstarter campaign for the Flic Twist has already started and in a few days has clearly exceeded the target of 30,000 euros: a whopping 516,000 euros have already been collected. At Kickstarter you can pre-order a Flic Twist for around 80 euros. A set consisting of three switches and the “Flic Mini Hub” costs around 190 euros. From June 2022, the dispatch should take place As always: Kickstarter campaigns are associated with risks. There can be delays in production, and some Kickstarter projects fail completely.

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