How to put a PIN or password in your Telegram chats to increase privacy

It is normal for anyone to feel insecure about the true privacy of your chats, and even more, that another person reads those conversations regardless of the content of these.

This occurs in any type of messaging application and Telegram, being an app known for its security and transparency, offers its more than 500 million active users the option of activate a new password, unique to the app, with the aim of increasing your privacy.

An extra shield to protect your chats from strangers and curious

Assigning a new security code to enter Telegram turns out to be a true, reliable and effective tool that will manage to give you that extra you were looking for so much, even if your mobile you already have an access PIN to unlock it.

As for the options that there are, we will not only be able to activate a password as such, since we will also have the possibility of having a PIN or even fingerprint recognition. So without further ado, let’s go to what interests us directly and through the steps.

– First of all, enter the Telegram app and look for the Settings box. Users with Android phones will have to click on the three white lines that appear in the upper left, and then come across the symbol of a gear wheel that says Settings. On the other hand, iOS users will have to press on the same gear that is shown in the lower right part.
– After this, look for the Privacy and security tab, which is shown with that name on both Android and iOS.
– Locate the Lock Code and / or Lock Code and Touch ID window respectively.
– Click on Activate code and choose the option that suits you best. On Android you can choose a PIN or password, and on iOS you can choose between a numeric code (4 or 6 digits) or an alphanumeric password as well.

– Once the process is finished, you will be able to activate the fingerprint option, in addition to defining whether to use the Autolock, which will cause the application to crash if you are out of it for 1 or 5 minutes, or even for 1 or 5 hours.

Without a doubt, this represents a significant advantage in terms of the security of all your chats, even those close to you let them know your password to unlock the mobile.

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