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These are not next week’s lottery numbers, but key data for the upcoming Xiaomi Peak.


A GSM Arena according to even this year, in the 12th month of 2021, the Snapdragon could start with the 898 expected Xiaomi 12 – or at least they can announce it and then it is on the market when it can be made enough. Undoubtedly, Xiaomi could benefit from unveiling its next-generation high-end device earlier than anyone, the approach of which is also signaled by a plethora of gossip. THE Digital Chat Station you know: a Wed 11 Instead of its 108-megapixel main camera, it will have a 50-megapixel module on the back of the Xiaomi 12 – hopefully the Mi 11 Ultráé because it was really great.

Mi 11 wasn’t Xiaomi’s top device this year, but it still did pretty well [+]

However, a 48-megapixel ultra-wide and periscopic unit is not to be reckoned with, it is true: the predecessor’s 13-megapixel wide-angle unit still beat circles in the 11T Pro unworthy of 8 megapixels, such as 4K video recording. The fast charge can be negotiated at 100 watts, which is less power than what the family member just offered, but it can still speed up the Mi 11 to 67 watts. In the end, the source promises a narrower screen and a smaller self-hole, although I would personally carve it on the diagonal as well, because there will be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra gigapanel. But I don’t sit in a decision-making position.

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