Action Monitor: Scooters and other stuff are also on sale at Geekbuying

Significantly, year-end action has started, with Geekbuying pricing scooters and vacuum cleaners, for example.

The materials in the Action Monitor section are likely to multiply, as the Christmas season has begun noticeably. What’s more, not only are commercial businesses expecting increased traffic due to the holidays and giveaways, but 11.11 and Black Friday are also sitting on this wave, so there will always be some reason to report promotional products.


A Geekbuying also ran into him dumping in Q4, they also have a banded discount from today by using the appropriate coupon codes to reduce the total value of the products added to the basket:

  • Over $ 600 $ 50 discount: 21GKB11SA4
  • Over $ 250 $ 25 discount: 21GKB11SA3
  • Over $ 100 $ 10 discount: 21GKB11SA2
  • Over $ 40 $ 5 discount: 21GKB11SA1

In their opinion, these are worth applying to the following special product:


  • The Eleglide S1 roller It costs $ 312 a 21GKB11SA3 using a coupon code from an EU warehouse with free shipping. The current maximum power of the machine is 400 watts, the maximum available speed is 25 km / h, the range is around 40 kilometers in connection with the 10 inches folding, folding goods. The widened trepni, disc brake and folding handlebars also speak alongside the scooter. (And that we’ve already tested and been satisfied with Eleglide.)

  • [+]

  • A NAVEE brand scooter it represents a higher category with 500 watts of power, a range of 65 kilometers, IPX4 water resistance and the ability to climb more serious ascents, plus they have literally twisted one on the folding because the handlebars can be twisted so that no rods protrude anywhere when it really needs to be transported. The 3-inch wide tires provide perhaps slightly better ride comfort than average scooters, the 120kg payload is more than usual, and the NAVEE belongs to Xiaomi’s moon yard, which for many means a sense of quality as well. The product is priced at $ 597 a GKBNAVEE using a coupon code.

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  • Two robotic vacuum cleaners have also been added to the special list, one of which is Xiaomi VIOMI SE, which is practically an entry – level product of the company. The 2200 Pa suction motor and 1500 rpm head are responsible for efficient dedusting, and the 3200 mAh battery from Samsung guarantees 120 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, which the manufacturer says is enough to clean 200 square feet of space. The Viomi SE also washes up, the mountable cloth and the water tank are relatively rare features in this price range. The device has 12 sensors that help you avoid obstacles better than its predecessor, and the improved navigation system quickly maps the area and can even store maps of multi-storey properties. This can be added to the cart for $ 173 VIOMISEDF using a coupon code.

  • [+]

  • The other vacuum cleaner a VIOMI V3, this is a more serious machine. Comes with a 2600 Pa suction motor, 550 ml water tank, disinfection option, 4900 mAh battery, the company says it can clean up an area of ​​250 square meters in one run. It climbs two centimeters high easily (this can be a threshold, after all), can store five different maps, and with the advanced routing algorithm, it is just as efficient as previous VIOMI models when walking a 30% shorter route. This device can be shipped for $ 259 if purchased at the time of NNNBYTESE3 code is used.

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