After Last Train to Busan, the director unveils his new series

After the zombies in Last Train to Busan, Sang-Ho Yeon returns behind the camera for a series centered on bloodthirsty demons.

The end of the year is busy for the red N. As 2022 quickly approaches, Netflix multiplies the releases to satisfy its subscribers eager for serial and cinematographic productions. After Squid Game, which rose to first position in the ranking of the most popular series on the platform, the firm is once again relying on a Korean production to be emulated. She is recruiting for the occasion the director of Last Train to Busan, which will once again make us shiver by taking an interest in bloodthirsty and ruthless creatures.

If the ghouls were at the heart of his previous duology, this time it is demons who will take center stage. In Hellbound, humans have discovered the possibility of anticipating their own death. But angels are responsible for sending those who use this gift directly to hell. If for some these creatures are the envoys of God, others try to investigate their origins. Mixing the codes of the fantastic with those of the horror, the new series of Sang-Ho Yeon should deliver a political and societal reflection as was the case with Last Train to Busan and its sequel Peninsula.

After sharing a short teaser, Netflix has finally decided to reveal a little more to us. This trailer also allows us to see in more detail these monsters that now inhabit the blue planet. Squeaky, the video is rather mouth-watering, at a time when the genre is attracting more and more followers.

See you on November 19

With these new images, Netflix has also unveiled a release date. The appointment is fixed at November 19. The series is already available in the interface, so you can set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss it when it’s released.

And if you want to take advantage of the last few days left before the release of Hellbound to review Last Train to Busan, know that it is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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