Apple Watch – Third-party watch faces still not possible

Apple started selling its latest series of smartwatches, the Series 7, a few weeks ago and it is still not possible for third-party providers to bring their watch faces onto the watch.

Apple Watch – Watch faces remain exclusive to Apple

Just in time for the market launch of the Apple Watch Series 7, Alan Dye (Interface Designer) and Stan Ng (Vice President Product Marketing Apple Watch) did an interview with cnet, in which, among other things, the topic of third-party watch faces was discussed. A watchface store is still missing, which is what other smartwatch manufacturers offer an enormous source of income.

A request from cnet was not really answered by Apple, but rather avoided and praised the complications, which you can (partially) personalize.

As important as the hardware is in distinguishing between Apple Watch and Apple Watch, we think the watch faces play a pretty big role there too, which is why we’ve been so careful over the years, although there is great variety to many uniform design elements to have. If you look closely, the pointers are always drawn in the same way, although they appear in different colors. We think we’ve found a really good balance. The watch faces themselves are a canvas for third party safe, and a template that they can use to create multiple complications and turn a watch face into their watch face, and which in some way becomes the interface for their application.

Customizable complications are a first step, but nothing compared to a full-fledged watchface. It remains to be seen whether Apple will stick to the exclusivity or not use this source of income at a later date.

Are the watch faces that Apple offers you enough or would you like some from third parties?

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