Attention big destocking of Poco F3, AliExpress breaks the price

AliExpress doesn’t spare the price of the excellent Poco F3. The mid-range smartphone sees its price plummet during Single Day. We explain how to take advantage of it, there is a little trick.

The Poco F3 is one of Xiaomi’s most successful mid-range smartphones. In terms of technical characteristics, it even ranks among the elite of the market on certain essential points (screen, power, autonomy). On the other hand, its price is very reasonable, which fully justifies its popularity.

To top it off, AliExpress offers you an opportunity to make substantial savings. The Poco F3 plummets to 249 euros instead of 369 euros thanks to the code FRPOCO32. But beware, this discount will only be valid from Thursday 11 November at 9:00 am sharp. This is the best price ever for this device, we advise you to follow our advice below.

I enjoy the Poco F3

The Single Day is held on November 11 and it is the largest commercial operation in the world. AliExpress, as the world leader in e-commerce, is the great architect of this day. Better than Black Friday, the discounts are extreme and are for popular products like the Poco F3. From a value for money standpoint, even an Amazon can’t match.

With such dizzying price drops, the stock goes out in seconds. If you want to secure a Poco F3 for only 249 euros, you will have to do it in advance. We therefore strongly advise you to put the Poco F3 in your AliExpress basket now. On the 11th at 9:00 am, the price will drop from 369 euros to 281 euros (displayed on the site). You can then use the code FRPOCO32 to get an additional 32 euros in discount.

Everything is played out in a few minutes: at 9 am, the stock disappears very quickly. Everything must therefore be ready beforehand. That day, you have to validate your basket, enter the code mentioned above and pay for your purchase as soon as possible. As long as you haven’t paid for your Poco F3, it won’t officially be for you. The Single Day is a bit of a rush and you have to know how to adapt to it. But clearly, the game is worth the effort.

The Poco F3 is a nugget released in March

Xiaomi has accustomed us to very regular releases of new smartphones. Between its Mi, Mi Mix, Redmi or Poco ranges, there is something to get lost. That said, some models stand out like the Mi 11, the Redmi Note 10 Pro or the Poco F3 (and the X3 Pro). The latter is placed in the mid-range with a high-end ascendant.

To start with the visible part, it can boast of having a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. These criteria, it takes them without gene to the best smartphones on the market. For just 250 euros with the discount on AliExpress, it’s just exceptional. It’s almost unimaginable especially when you compare it to devices in the same price bracket.

Under the hood, Xiaomi is not pretending. The Poco F3 comes with a Snapdragon 870 processor and a 5G chip. Ideal for gamers. Once again, it comes up against the best Android smartphones available on the market. This does not prevent it from holding the endurance since it comes with a 4,520 mAh battery which allows it to last well for two days. A 33W fast charger will allow you to quickly recover the missing bars.

I enjoy the Poco F3

Finally, the last important point on a phone of this standing concerns the photo part. Here, we find on the back a triple sensor with a main module (wide angle) of 48 MP. A second ultra-wide-angle sensor and a macro are also present on the rear. The 20 MP selfie sensor is excellent.

AliExpress sublime le Single Day

AliExpress will not really participate in Black Friday. On the other hand, the merchant is betting everything on the Single Day which is held on November 11. For him, it is the most important date of the year. In terms of turnover, he assured no less than $ 74 billion in revenue in 2020 on this single day. This time, it will hit the French market even harder.

Among the brands that will be represented in force, there will necessarily be Xiaomi with its Poco F3 and X3 Pro. But we will also find Samsung, OnePlus and even Apple products in the tech part. On household appliances, AliExpress will also cut prices for Single Day. Roborock, iLife and even Dreame will be the leaders of this operation.

By purchasing your Poco F3 from AliExpress you have a number of guarantees. First of all, you have the 2 year warranty from the manufacturer Xiaomi. Then be aware that you can return the product to AliExpress within 20 days of your purchase if it is not right for you. He will then proceed with the reimbursement. Note that all products are shipped from a French warehouse, which does not pose any VAT concern. In the end, it’s like buying it from Amazon.

To discover the Poco F3, it’s here:

I enjoy the Poco F3

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