beware of this malware that steals your bank details

A new Trojan horse has just been spotted on the Google Play Store. With a fairly simple technique, the latter was nevertheless a formidable trap for your banking data.

The information comes from the Spanish media Engadget Android, which spotted a major vulnerability flaw in the Google Play Store. While the Google online store regularly puts its program Play Protect Up to date to prevent users from being trapped by malware, some hackers compete in their imaginations to achieve their ends. This is particularly the case of the application PDF +, 169th in the ranking of the most popular software in Europe.

If it presents itself as a simple application for opening PDF documents, the application actually hides a formidable malware: once downloaded, the software indeed asked to download an APK from the Flash Player, a software that is not yet no longer supported by Android since 2012. Once installed and launched, the fake application then asks to access and interact with all the data displayed on the screen. Obviously, this is a huge scam, and it is all your banking data, but also your personal data like your passwords and logins that may be exposed.

Is the Play Protect useful for anything?

More serious than the simple presence of a trojan, it is the very effectiveness of Google’s Play Protect which is thus called into question by Engadget Android. According to the Spanish media, this yet unsophisticated technique would have completely passed between the mesh of the Android protection system… even though once extracted, the APK would have been detected as malware by 13 antiviruses.

It should be remembered that if Android allows APK downloads without going through the official store, there is an option to manually activate to prohibit this type of download, and thus avoid being tricked. It is mainly for this reason thatApple still refuses to open its App Store to unauthenticated developers.

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