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The larger the car than a phone, the larger the external battery.


ZipCharge Go is an external battery designed for electric cars. Which is portable but can’t be cut into a pocket because it’s the same size as a cabin suitcase, plus it rolls in the same way and even has a handle. And it weighs 22 kilograms, which in turn goes well beyond a similar parameter in a travel bag.


The external battery can store 4 kWh of power (this is at least the first generation capability, but the double-capacity version is also being developed), obviously all losses are incurred when charging the car (which the structure can solve with a maximum of 7.2 kW if and if AC the car can absorb as much current), so in less than half an hour the current in the external battery can be pushed into the car.


4 kWh is not much, an average e-car requires 12-16 kWh to cover 100 kilometers, even in an ultra-economical way, without turning off all consumers we will not go further than 30-40 kilometers with this extra charge, but of course – like a can of petrol – it also an emergency solution when the car is completely discharged. Although it doesn’t take up much space in the trunk and isn’t the most economical solution (there will also be a loss when charging an external battery), the company says the solution may be practical for those who can’t charge at home, but can do so in their apartment. In this case, the idea is for the owner to get home, park on the street, pull out the ZipCharge Goth from the apartment, and then spend it in a public area, which can otherwise be controlled with a telephone application. Whether and for how long in certain neighborhoods you would be willing to leave a hi-tech suitcase next to the car is another question, because the equipment is planned to taste roughly 350 thousand forints.


ZipCharge Go, on the other hand, can be handy for rescue and assistance businesses, if a customer’s e-car is discharged at the side of the road, it can be easily taken there and pumped into the electric car to get to the next charging station. That is why the manufacturer is also planning a rental option for about 20 thousand forints a month, which can even be viable. However, we will have to wait another year for this, as the product is planned to be marketable only in the last quarter of 2022.

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