Farmville 3 and Pikmin Bloom, the two new games of the week

There are new games every day, but sometimes games are born that really attract attention, either because of the history of the company or because of the innovation of the project.

This week has been key for two companies, Niantic, responsible for the famous Pokémon Go, and Zynga, responsible for, among many other games, Farmville.

On the one hand we have the launch of Farmville 3, the most recent version of the series, available on iOS and Android. In it we have new animal husbandry mechanics, with baby animals everywhere. They will also feature farmers with diverse backgrounds and abilities, controllable weather patterns, a customizable farm (clothing for farmers), and more social features for exchanging goods.

farmville 3

12 years have passed since the original FarmVille was released, a game that has been downloaded more than 700 million times. The saga continues and the digital farmer fever does not ease easily.

In second place we have the new Niantic project, a company that did not have much success with its latest Augmented Reality games, but is trying again with Pikmin Bloom.

It is a game in which we can see how flowers grow, record memories and relax with a quite nice design. We will have to walk through the real world for the flowers to grow, all in a world reminiscent of those that Nintendo had on the Wii, since they have actually partnered with Nintendo for the project.

Here’s a video showing a few seconds of the game:

It is really interesting to see how trends evolve in this sector, although everything indicates that virtual reality will be the protagonist in not many years.

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