Galaxy S21 FE in January, Galaxy S22 in February?

According to recent news, we can also expect two major announcements in early 2022 from the South Korean company.


Jon Prosser is no longer a newcomer to the pre-leaks, and now in a Twitter post he shared with us two dates for Samsung’s top models. He’s been buzzing since the summer Galaxy S21 FE it may arrive on January 4th with a good price / value ratio, but even at the level of the beginning of 2022, which is considered to be a peak hardware, it is said that there will be no pre-order period and it will be possible to purchase it from January 11th. This is a date that has been shifted many times, hopefully this time it will really become a reality.

The Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra models are expected to be unveiled on February 8, about a month later, a pre-order will also be launched on that day, and launch on the specific market is expected on February 18.

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