Google works on sending videos by SMS / MMS through Google Photos

We currently have multiple ways to send our contacts those photos and / or those videos that we want to share with them through our mobile devices. Nonetheless, Google continues to think of those users who continue to use SMS / MMS messages to stay in contact with family and friends.

In this regard, they have been able to discover from 9to5Google In a teardown of the latest beta APK of Google Messages for Android, Google would be working on a way to send videos via MMS involving Google Photos, thereby trying that the receivers of the videos have them at a higher quality.

Higher quality is sought compared to the quality of videos by MMS

In this sense, the recipients of the shared videos would not receive the videos themselves in their MMS messages, but instead would receive a way to access them based on the use of Google Photos.

According to the findings, the development of this functionality is in the initial phase, the complete operation of it being unknown for the moment, although from the aforementioned publication they may come to understand that Google could enable the direct viewing of the videos in the conversations or they could receive the corresponding URLs that give them access.

Do not forget that sending a video through MMS implies a loss of quality, and more so in these times and with the many existing alternatives.

It’s no wonder Google continues to focus on improving the use of SMS messages with Messages for Android. as we saw not long ago.

And all this effort to constantly improve the experience with SMS / MMS messages despite the fact that Google also has RCS messaging integrated into the same application to enable an experience multimedia similar to services like WhatsApp, without depending on any specific service, being interoperable between different providers of access to telephone communications.

It seems to be a transitory measure until RCS messaging becomes more serious in society.. For this to become a reality, we will still have to wait a while, so there is no choice but to improve the experience of SMS / MMS messages.

If this functionality finally arrived, since Google can back out at any time, users would find it under the option “Share videos with higher quality by text (SMS / MMS)” that they must activate in the settings.

It will be a matter of waiting … and Google gets the batteries to promote the use of RCS, currently available in very few applications and for devices Android.

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