How to buy a second-hand car that is temporarily decommissioned and register it

The DGT allows the possibility of deregistering a vehicle that it is not going to be used so as not to have to pay the road tax, being able to register it again when it is going to be used again. This process is called temporary withdrawal.

If we are interested in buying a car that is in this situation, there will be no problem in transferring that car to us, but first you have to re-register for traffic.

How to register a car that is out of traffic

Sign contract

In order to make the change of ownership, it is necessary that the car to be sold is registered. This procedure can be done just before performing the change of ownership without having to spend any time between one procedure and another.

This procedure, which has a cost of 8.59 eurosIt can be done online or in person at any traffic office or headquarters.

To do this procedure through the internet you have to access to this section and it is necessary to have a digital certificate, electronic ID or cl @ ve credentials to access the service. Pay the corresponding fee that can be done through the form. And finally, fill in the information on the form: contact fields, notification method and vehicle registration.

If we want to do the procedure in person through any traffic office or headquarters you have to bring the application in the filled official form (You can also provide it to us there), the identification of the interested party (DNI, driving license, NIE, residence card or power of attorney for a third person to do it) and the proof of payment of the fee 4.1. previously purchased.

How to do the registration process if I am not the owner of the car yet

Car sale

The procedure to register the vehicle must be done by the car seller. But, the seller of the car can appoint a person to carry out this procedure on their behalf, and may be the buyer.

In this case, You can only manage to register in person at any headquarters or traffic office.

To perform this power, there are two options:

  1. The current owner of the car make a document where they indicate their personal data (name, surname and DNI) and the data of the vehicle (brand, model, registration and chassis number), in addition to the data of the person on whom the power is made (name, surname and DNI ). Another option is to fill in this document that the DGT already offers using the code ‘000200060001’ that is required for registration.
  2. That the owner carry out a seizure record through the DGT page. It is a free procedure to authorize a third person to carry out certain procedures for the vehicle. It can be done through the internet if cl @ ve is available, by telephone or in person at any traffic headquarters or office.

In either case, a certified photocopy of the person who carries out the power.


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In Motorpasión | Breaking a second-hand car sale contract is legal, and there are several possibilities

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