let Twitter decide whether to sell $ 25 billion worth of Tesla stock

The always controversial Elon Musk has conducted a survey on Twitter asking his more than 62 million followers if i should or not sell 10% of your shares of Tesla to pay taxes and has promised to carry out the majority decision.

At the end of the survey and after the vote of more than three and a half million users, the results were of 57.9% in favor and 42.1% against. Thus, the richest man in the world today – according to Bloomberg – could soon launch shares with an approximate value of $ 25 billion.

This strategic move of which he is CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX is part vindication, part provocation to the policy of US President Joe Biden.

A controversial and well-studied movement

Elon Musk leaves nothing to chance, especially not when it comes to Tesla shares. As he himself has stated on other occasions, he does not receive any cash salary or any type of bonuses in the company, so “his only way to pay taxes” is by selling shares.

He currently has about 17% of the total of the car’s shares, so the value of the securities at stake would amount to between 20,000 and 25,000 million of dollars.

This movement responds to the revenue policy of the Joe Biden government and, in part, also to a recent appeal made by the director of the United Nations (UN) World Food Program and former governor of South Carolina, David Beasley, who urged the world’s two richest men – Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon – to “step forward now, for the only time“turning his fortune to alleviate hunger in the world.


It is well known that Elon Musk is very active (and always controversial) in his social networks, and that he has a predilection for Twitter, where he always openly expresses his opinions and criticisms.

It is also known to be sympathizer of protectionist policies of former US President Donald Trump, and has already spoken out on several occasions against US President Joe Biden’s project to establish a tax on large fortunes.

Broadly speaking, the Democrats’ bill would force some 700 billionaires, which Musk leads, to pay a annual tax on unrealized gains by listed assets, such as stocks.

Musk’s net worth reached a few weeks ago. $ 335 billion, since as a result of an order for 100,000 electric vehicles by Hertz, Tesla touched the sky on the Stock Market and reached a record value of a trillion dollars catching up with giants like Microsoft and Apple and getting ahead of Facebook’s market value.

At the moment and although Twitter has already spoken, Musk has not made any statement regarding when he will put his shares up for sale. The reactions have not been long in coming and there are already thousands of interactions of all kinds that await a response.

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