Not slow, just a secure Pixel 6 fingerprint reader

At least according to Google. Many complained about the speed and cumbersome resolution across the internet, and the reaction was short and concise.


It is very common for state-of-the-art devices with fresh technology to produce software bucks or even hardware bugs in the first period, the Google Pixel 6 is Pixel 6 Pro and unfortunately none of the reference mobiles have been avoided: the more unfortunate pieces can produce quite a variety of display errors, from greenish discoloration to a double camera hole appearance to streaks and flickers, a software update will be available in December, but in extreme cases users can of course have a warranty replacement, which is not a recognized defect but a natural phenomenon in operation, the fingerprint -reatic hectic operation.

Thoroughly circled the internet with an opinion from customers that the biometric unlocking of Pixel 6s is slow and often doesn’t want to work, and Google responded to a Twitter comment by revealing its opinion of the thing: the specific user is not only slow, but 6- On 7 occasions, he complained about a failed release on Made By Google, who replied with an apology that Pixel 6’s improved security algorithm could extend the release time, which could be helped by touching as much of our finger as possible. to the reader. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, by the way, have an optical fingerprint reader built into the display, and their security chip is the proudly and often mentioned Titan M2.

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