Nuki 3.0 and white color variant now listed on Amazon

Nuki recently presented a new generation of its Smartlock. Nuki 3.0 is already listed on Amazon.

Amazon lists new Nuki products

Last week, Nuki launched the new Smartlock Nuki 3.0 and Nuki 3.0 Pro presented. Above all, the volume when closing has been reduced, but there are also new functions. The Nuki Smartlock 3.0 Pro can now establish a connection to the Internet with an integrated WLAN module and is no longer dependent on a bridge. In addition, there is now the color white as an option, which was previously only available in a special edition of the Smartlock 2.0.

The new products are now also listed on Amazon, including the Nuki Bridge and the Nuki Opener in white. You can already order the products, but delivery will take a while.

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