Premium admissions with new head of the supervisory board: Christoph Hack succeeds Paul-Heinz Schell

Premiumzulasser has a new head of the supervisory board: Christoph Hack, former member of the board of directors for Human Resources and Legal at Tüv Rheinland, succeeds Paul-Heinz Schell, who has left the board for reasons of age.

Jörg Sievers (Autoschilder Sievers) was also newly elected to the five-member supervisory board. The supervisory board members Hans-Martin Horstenkamp (Schilder Reiske), Robert Wünsch (vehicle registration service Wünsch) and Alfred Schwab (Schilder Schwab) were confirmed in their offices. Sandra Volkmann (Kfz-Gutachten-Service-Nord) complements the board, which includes Florian Cichon (TÜV Rheinland Plus) as chairman and Heinz Sobieralski (Speed ​​approval service) as his deputy.

Further expand the range

“Just two years after its market launch, the Premiumzulasser Association has developed into the leading provider of vehicle registrations, ownership transfers and deregistrations as well as the driver of digitization in the registration system. We will gain this strong market position by conquering new customers such as online marketers and providers of car subscriptions or insurance and the development of new services such as the management of vehicle letters for retailers and banks, “announced Hack.

Over 40 local and regional approval service providers have come together under the umbrella of Premiumzulasser. In addition to the members, 3,500 car dealerships also use the services.

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