Renault will give a second life to its used cars and will recycle batteries at its factory in Seville from 2022

Renault just presented a circular economy project and used car reconditioning and batteries for the transmission factory that the brand has owned in Seville for more than fifty years.

This initiative, called ReFactory, will have four lines of action that will accompany the different life cycles of vehicles and will start to operate in 2022.

In line with the plans it has already put in place for its Flins (France) factory, with this action Renault seeks to extend the life of its vehicles, guarantee their quality and reduce the impact they have. new car production in the environment.

A boost to the electrification of the brand

Also, this is great news both for the future of the Sevillian factory as for its staff, who like the rest of the Spanish factories in the sector, is living difficult times as a result of the microchip crisis and the lack of raw materials, Inter alia.

ReFactory will start rolling out towards the fourth quarter of 2022, although until 2024 different work areas will be gradually opened.

As announced by the brand in the presentation of the project, the facilities will have an area of ​​5,000 square meters that will be used to recondition used vehicles and recycle transmissions of the hybrid models.

Likewise, they will house different departments that will be in charge of repairing electrified car batteries and developing second-life applications that allow them to be reused with all the guarantees. The four lines of the project have been called Re-Trofit, Re-Energy, Re-Cycle and Re-Start.


Re-Trofit: this line of action will bring together all the activities necessary for the reconditioning of used vehicles of individuals and fleets, which will allow you to give them a second chance and extend their useful life. After the initial appraisal of each vehicle, the necessary mechanical repairs will be carried out, ITV management, the appropriate aesthetic repairs and the passage through the quality control of the brand, which will grant an official guarantee certificate.

Re-Energy: this line will be dedicated to battery repair of hybrid and electric vehicles that, due to their loss of performance, are no longer useful for cars, but can be reused for stationary energy storage, for instance. It will also manage the recycling of battery modules at the end of their useful life.

Re-Cycle: This section will be responsible for the efficient management of resources and the supply flow of recycled or reused parts and materials. They will also manufacture parts for the transmissions that will be mounted on the electrified vehicles of the Renault group and, like Re-Trofit, it will start its activity in 2022.

Re-Start: This line will promote and identify new activities that allow to continue innovating in the field of circular economy and will develop the training of new skills.

ReFactory in Seville will work in this sense in collaboration with the French Flins factory, the Renault R + D + i Center in Valladolid, and also with other partners, companies and / or universities “to accelerate research and training on mobility from the future”. The Re-Energy and Re-Start lines will begin their activity in 2024.

These initiatives within the ReFactory project will serve to promote the brand’s electrification plans, which are going to launch ten new electric cars by 2030: seven will be from the Renault brand and another three will carry the Alpine badge.

Renault estimates that the Sevillian facilities will have the capacity to recondition more than 10,000 vehicles by 2025 and that it will also be able to recycle up to 1,000 batteries per year. It also plans to soon activate a Training Plan of more than 12,000 hours for the specialization of employees.

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