Sales of e-cars are skyrocketing: in Europe there will soon be a tie with combustion engines

Electromobility is increasingly losing its role as an outsider. This is the conclusion of the study “Electric Vehicle Sales Review” by the management consultancy PwC. In the third quarter of 2021, new registrations of all-electric cars rose by an average of 123 percent in 14 markets examined. In China, the world’s largest car market, growth was as much as 190 percent. In Europe, the electric vehicles in the five largest markets of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France and Spain grew by more than half. Felix Kuhnert, Global Automotive Leader at PwC, attributes this primarily to the unprecedented product offensive of new e-models by the major manufacturers and the increased trust of customers. “Nevertheless, the growth would undoubtedly be even greater without the chip crisis,” says the expert.

In Europe, the proportion of vehicles with alternative drives will soon catch up with that of combustion vehicles, PwC expects. In the USA, on the other hand, the combustion engine still dominates the market with a market share of more than 90 percent. “Electromobility, especially with regard to fully electric vehicles, has clearly left the early aopter phase behind,” says Jrn Neuhausen, Germany director of the strategy consultancy Strategy &, which belongs to PwC. He attributes this primarily to the German manufacturers, whose economies of scale would enable electric models in almost all segments. In Europe, he believes that electric cars will overtake the combustion engine in just a few years. “That makes the expansion of the charging infrastructure all the more urgent and important.”

In Europe, the VW Group and Tesla are ahead in terms of e-cars, in Germany the Tesla Model 3 was with 23,982 new registrations in the year to date, ahead of the VW ID.3 with 21,539 registrations). PwC expects that the amenities for e-cars such as purchase bonuses and tax exemptions will gradually expire when the e-car turns from exotic to normal.

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