Sembly AI, to manage all the videoconferences we carry out


With the pandemic, the number of videoconferences has multiplied around the world, and that means that sometimes we have several each day, making it difficult to make minutes of meetings, search for content or share interesting parts of any of them.

That’s what you want to avoid Sembly, a new solution born for the management of this activity.

The objective of this intelligent assistant is to offer the possibility that we attend meetings without the need to take notes. We can delegate meeting attendance to this artificial intelligence assistant, who will capture the moments of the meeting, even making transcription (going from audio to text).

The idea is that we can easily find and retrieve important points on all calls. They have several plans, one of them free, and in the Pro they will use machine learning algorithms to create information as sentiment.

This professional version will have:

– Calendar integration: Sembly will automatically join your meetings.
– Voice ID: Sembly keeps track of who said what.
– Voice commands: Understand the commands.
– Sentiment analysis: Sembly highlights important points throughout your meeting.
– Meeting-at-a-Glance: Sembly creates easy-to-read summaries of your meeting.
– Post-meeting dialogue: Sembly enables post-meeting dialogue and engagement
– Quick Search: Sembly allows you to quickly find important points from past conversations.
– Meeting Cloud: Sembly keeps all meetings in a meeting cloud for easy access.

The free part, for personal use, allows:

– Synchronize with Google and Outlook calendars
– My meetings timeline view
– Search in all meetings
– Full text transcription
– Diarization of announcers
– Personal notes
– Bookmarks
– Export to PDF
– Share and guest view

You can try it in, where they give more details about the integrations they offer.

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