TCL 10 Pro, an impressive mobile for less than 200 euros

Mobile phones have better specifications and better prices, and TCL is showing it these days with the launch of an impressive device with an AMOLED LED screen and curved glass now priced at around 200 euros.

We talk about TCL 10 Pro, a mobile with resistant materials, 3D glass and matte texture, with a very careful design and striking specifications.

Available and Aliexpress by less than 200 euros from 11.11It has a headphone jack, a polished and symmetrical profile, a physical button to open the Google Assistant and an integrated AI quad camera, the main one being 64MP.

The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 with 6 GB of RAM and 4,500 mAh battery (without wireless charging), transforming this mobile into one of the best mid-range of the year.

TCL 10 Pro design

TCL 10 Pro

I begin by talking about its strongest point, the design and the quality of the construction. The cameras are minimalist, their color discreet, their size of 6.47 inches, their notch in the shape of a teardrop …
TCL 10 Pro

The back of the phone has a minimalist aesthetic. The cameras don’t stick out, and they create a monochrome stripe across the top, somewhat more attractive than bulky cameras that throw phones off balance.

TCL 10 Pro

The top edge has a 3.5mm headphone jack, while below is the USB-C charging port, a speaker, and a hybrid SIM slot. On the left edge we have a customizable button, and on the right the volume and power control.

TCL 10 Pro screen

TCL 10 Pro

The screen attracts attention, but if we consider that TCL is the second largest television manufacturer in the world, it is clear that they know how to make a good screen. 6.47 inches with perfect colors, pop highlights and rich shadows, all thanks to Nxtvision’s custom display engine. This technology automatically converts SDR to HDR, earning the phone’s Netflix HDR10 certification. It is somewhat difficult to see the content in direct sunlight, yes.

It also has an on-screen optical fingerprint sensor, as well as face unlock.

TCL 10 Pro camera

TCL 10 Pro

The four cameras consist of a 64MP primary sensor, a 16MP super wide sensor, a 5MP macro sensor, and a 2MP super low light sensor. The front camera for selfies has 24MP.

They offer excellent color accuracy and depth of field, although there is some loss of fine detail with both lenses and at wide angle there is edge distortion when the photos are large. For small photos (those from social networks), they have all come out almost perfect, including the excellent night vision.

Its weak point is the 5MP macro lens, which need a tripod to work well.

The front camera takes sharp selfies when the light is sufficient, although some blur shows around the hair and ears.

Link and price

11.11 will be the day of its lowest price and Aliexpress, until the 13th, for less than 200 euros using the coupon announced on the web for each country. Coupons 23190DOUBLE and 18150DOUBLE for prices of 191 and 196 dollars.

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