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The BlitzWolf heated massage cushion is damn cheap

BlitzWolf has a relatively wide variety of massage devices, and although their most popular product is massage gun, from this is the pillow not a bad choice either. Into the device four pawls were built, which can perform four types of repetitive movements and their speed is also adjustable in three stages. If you put it on your back, for example, you can even relax while working. An important ingredient is that it also heats the pillow a heating wire because it makes it more comfortable for massage and also helps with blood circulation.

The design of the pillow is such that it is well ventilated, so in a good case we don’t sweat into it, but it’s no problem even if it happens because the cover can be pulled off and washed. For trouble-free use battery operated, a 2600 mAh battery was included with which you can keep going for an hour. The pillow switches off automatically after a quarter of an hour during use, so we don’t forget to turn it on accidentally.

Can be used waist, abdomen, back, neck and even legs is. This device was invented much more for relaxation than for intense massage, but it can also relax and move our muscles a bit. The price is usually quite variable, but they are typically asked for over 20,000 forints. That’s not so little, though now quite discounted, and even the BG044567 coupon code can also be used for it, so 13,400 FtPrices may be different for different currencies due to the conversion rates of webshops (eg if you set the webshop to HUF, the prices are usually higher than when you set it to USD). The prices indicated in the article are for information purposes only, and in all cases the forint equivalent of the price displayed in USD (or EUR if there is no USD option) on the webshop interface (according to the interbank exchange rate valid at the time of writing).You can already order for it, from a warehouse in Poland, without VAT. That’s not a bad buy, it’s worth a try.

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