The next time they buy a car: Half of Germans want to buy Stromer

According to a recent survey by the energy company Eon, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. “Half of all motorists in Germany would opt for an electrified, rechargeable vehicle the next time they buy a car,” said the managing director of Eon Energie Deutschland, Filip Thon, in a message from the group.

According to this, 30 percent of those surveyed would choose a purely electric car next, another 20 percent a plug-in hybrid, 30 percent a gasoline engine, nine percent a diesel, five percent a hybrid without charging option and one percent a natural gas drive. “The results show that the traffic turnaround towards climate-friendly drives has already begun in the minds of most motorists”, Thon continues.

Climate protection is crucial

According to the survey, electric cars are particularly popular with young drivers, families and photovoltaic system owners. 35 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds would be the next to choose an electric car, and the same applies to 35 percent for families. It is therefore particularly attractive to charge the e-car with the green driving current from your own photovoltaic system: 40 percent of solar system owners want to be on the road purely electrically when they next buy a vehicle. Even today, 13 percent of them say they have an electric car.

In a federal state comparison, the Berliners are clearly ahead when it comes to the next car purchase with an e-car approval of 40 percent, followed by the people in Hamburg with 35 percent and in Hesse with 34 percent.

The reasons why people would choose an e-car were also asked: 69 percent cite “climate protection, sustainability, environmental awareness” as the most important decision criterion for an e-vehicle. For 60 percent “electric mobility is the technology of the future”, and for 51 percent “purchase bonuses and tax advantages” are decisive.

sustainable production

For the majority of those surveyed who want to drive electric cars in the future, climate protection in vehicle production also played an important role. 91 percent find it very important or important that the e-car is produced in a climate-friendly manner. 63 percent would pay more for a climate-friendly electric vehicle.

With regard to the type of purchase of the electric car, 73 percent of the respondents would opt for the classic vehicle purchase (with or without financing), 15 percent would prefer leasing, and only three percent could imagine a car subscription.

Not specifically related to the next vehicle purchase, according to the survey, more than 60 percent of driver’s license holders in Germany could in principle imagine buying an all-electric car. (os)

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