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Germany is often considered to be a motorist’s paradise, since there are no speed limits on many of the country’s motorways. Total freedom, zero speed cameras, but at the same time more CO2 emissions and more accidents. For these reasons things they could get bad all over Europe, not only in Germany.

The UN, in fact, in the name of road safety and lower CO2 emissions, is asking the world to lower its speed limits, and enter new ones in Germany. The proposal, which will then have to be accepted or not by every single country, provides 100 km / h top speed on the highway, 80 km / h on extra-urban roads which today have a limit of 110 km / h, 30 km / h in the city.

Certainly such reduced speed limits would lead to many advantages: we would have fewer accidents, lower CO2 emissions and less fuel consumption. Each car in fact consumes less at 100 km / h than at 130 km / h, our journeys would last longer but they would cost us less in terms of fuel.

If we look at the electric then, this new proposal seems to have been specially cut on the new zero-emission cars, which at 130 km / h see the autonomy drop drastically, while around 100 km / h more or less all the BEVs on the market stand out. on attractive consumption. For now, no one in Italy has seriously discussed the UN proposal, we will keep you updated should it happen later. Meanwhile also a Formula 1 champion like Sebastian Vettel said he was in favor of speed limits in Germany, while someone in Italy he even thought of 150 km / h.

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