There may not be a sequel for The Eternals

Received fairly coldly by critics, The Eternals might not have a sequel. A little tour and then go for the new team of Marvel superheroes?

We will have to wait for the box office figures to know if spectators rushed into theaters or not (a priori, that would be the case) to see Marvel’s latest blockbuster, The Eternals. A film that divides criticism, but that’s not what keeps the House of Ideas and Disney from boxing sequels, otherwise Thor’s adventures would have ended with the very bad The world of darkness

A whole new universe

As it concerns The Eternals, the production seems to think that there might not be a second episode for this new team. Nate Moore, one of the film’s producers, said that a sequel was not essential. Of course, the team has ideas, but there is no hard and fast rule that requires doing a trilogy, for example.

Chloe Zhao’s movie is, admittedly, quite unclassifiable in the MCU and maybe after trying something different, Marvel wants to go back to a more classic proposition. However, while there may not be a direct follow-up to the Eternals, this does not mean that these superheroes and their universe will not be found in other productions.

Between the character played by Kit Harrington, the Celestials, the Deviants, and the other heroes presented in the film, there is indeed something to draw to feed other blockbusters. Even in series centered on one or two protagonists on behalf of Disney + … Anyway, the only presence of Eternals in the cinematographic world of Marvel suddenly enlarges an already very rich universe. We have not finished hearing about it, even without follow-up.

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