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Banggoodon starts on Wednesday, November 11th

Maybe you want to overtake Aliexpress a Banggood, and that’s why they’re starting their 11.11 day promotions on the 10th.

While this move is debatable, it doesn’t really matter much from the users ’perspective, it just needs to be noted that the party will start as early as tomorrow, the 10th. THE the best way to follow discounts is to like the Order China’s official Facebook pageand entered the From a group of clinics from China to Facebook. The former is especially important because that’s where we post the plethora of coupons, broken down into categories. It is common to have a collection of telephones, tablets, vacuum cleaners, smart homes, projectors and more every year. Everyone is sure to find your calculations, as the amount of coupons is brutal every year, and in the group we also display a coupon-asking post, where you can also ask, and we will try to fulfill your wishes.

Banggood is one of the best performing webshops in China, they are currently the most reliable, they have a large selection and they post relatively quickly.

All their products already include VAT by default, so we no longer have to pay for it separately at home, and we don’t have to pay any handling fees afterwards, because typically Magyar Posta does not deliver their products. They have plenty of EU warehouses, they also have warehouses in the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.

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