Chrome will make it easier to configure privacy options on Android


In recent times, Google has tried to better organize the different sections of our account settings. And it has also added new privacy controls that allow users to personalize their experience with different Google services.

But among so many changes, users may not find the options or are unaware of the new sections. A dynamic that gets a little more complicated on mobile. So that this is not a problem, the Google team is preparing a guide that facilitates the privacy settings of one of their services.

New Android Chrome feature for privacy options

Google prepares a new section in account settings to help users configure privacy controls for Chrome on Android.

This new section called Privacy Guide will show users the “most important privacy and security controls” and will help them to review them taking into account a series of details. So users will not only see the privacy option to activate, but it will be clearly explained how it will impact the user’s account.

For example, in the option “Improve search and navigation”, Google mentions that if you activate it, you will navigate much faster, since the loading dynamics of web pages is different, and that you will receive improved suggestions in the address bar. However, it also clarifies that certain information will be shared with Google.

One detail to keep in mind is that this new Google Chrome section is not yet available by default. So if you want to test it before Google officially implements it in their web browser, you will have to go through the experimental features of Chrome.

Just go to chrome: // flags / # privacy-review. Once you activate this experimental feature, restart Chrome and look for “Privacy Guide” within the Privacy and Security section.

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