Citroën joins other manufacturers to fill this enclave with electric cars

The Greek Government and Citroën have signed a memorandum of understanding to begin turn the Greek Islands into an electromobility laboratory.

The first step is to equip the small island of Chalki with electric cars that can be used by neighbors and public authorities. Other manufacturers such as Volkswagen and SEAT have also started to electrify paradise islands of the Aegean Sea.

The Citroën Ami as a police car

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Greek Government, Citroën, Syngelidis Group, Vinci and Akuo Greece, the button was pressed to transform the island of Chalki into a “zero emissions” economy.

To start with, Citroën is providing a fleet of six fully electric vehicles to the public authorities in Chalki: two Ami for the police and the Coast Guard, respectively, along with 2 ë-C4 and 1 ë-Spacetourer for the municipality of Chalki and 1 ë -Jumpy.

For two of those cars, explains the French firm, there will be a free lease for 48 months, after which Citroën will buy the cars again and donate them to the municipality of Chalki.

Citroen Ev Greek Island 2021

It will also get its electrical power from a new 1 megawatt solar installation, as part of the Greek government’s plan to make all the islands energy independent.

With an area of ​​28 km², Chalki is the smallest inhabited island in the Dodecanese. It has a permanent population of 330 inhabitants and a maximum length of 10 km, which makes the use of electric vehicles with the appropriate infrastructure ideal.

Island residents and the local municipality are expected to see their electricity bill drop by a combined total of 200,000 euros per year, while carbon dioxide emissions are expected to decrease by around 1,800 metric tons.

He too Volkswagen Group has signed an agreement with the Greek Government to transform, in this case, an existing island: that of Astipalea.

They want this idyllic location on the Aegean Sea to become a benchmark in electromobility, full of electric cars, of electric scooters SEAT and powered by renewable energy.

In Sardinia, the energy company whose largest shareholder is the Italian Government (Enel), intends to say goodbye to diesel and take advantage of natural resources of the island in a pilot project of 15,000 million euros.

We will see if all these projects remain in a good marketing campaign or achieve part of their purpose.

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