Clubhouse has a new feature so that no one misses your content

Clubhouse is already implementing one of its latest features, Replay, on iOS and Android. A new dynamic that will allow you to record your audio rooms to share the recording with anyone.

So if your friends have missed your conversations they will have the opportunity to listen to them from the recording. And of course, you will have the freedom to invite any user to enjoy your audio using the different social networks.

New Clubhouse feature to record rooms and share content

Replay is a function that ClubHouse announced in September, and is now rolling out to all users. A feature that allows creators to record their rooms live and save them to their profile, or download the recording.

This dynamic will allow them to give a second chance to the audience that missed the live recording. In addition, it gives the creator the possibility of keeping the recordings to share them as if they were podcasts on the different social platforms. So that content can be repurposed to share with another audience beyond the Clubhouse.

Where will you find this new feature? When you click on “Start a new room” you will see “Replays” at the top. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it at any time.

So while “Replays” is in green, marking that it is activated, you can count on the recording of the audio room that you are creating in the Clubhouse. One detail to keep in mind is that this option is only available for public rooms.

This is not the only feature that Clubhouse has added to its app. A few months ago it also announced a beta feature for creators that allows you to share 30-second clips. A dynamic that will help creators to promote their content with fragments that are of interest to their audience.

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