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Convoy S16 flashlight at a good price

Variant B can almost never be obtained, so the choice is actually decided between only 3 characters.

The their pricing is the samethat is, it is more a matter of taste which one you prefer. The four functions are designed to who doesn’t want to mess with special things, you only want to shift the performance between 0.1% / 3% / 30% / 100% in 4 steps. The other variant is for hardcore fanswho like to unravel such things. There’s everything here, SOS, stroboscope, battery checking, and the like, but it’s more for those who like to fiddle with them for longer.

Interestingly, the manufacturer doesn’t provide normal data on projection length and brightness, but luckily the people of the internet have already tested everything, and this is perhaps more reliable than the numbers that the company has “overheated”. At 1540 lumens, the light output was 11683 candelas at 216 meters for the Convoy S12. It’s the same lamp, but behind the projection lens There are 3 SST20 LEDs and not 1 SST40.

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