Criminal matter in the exhaust gas scandal: Swiss people stop proceedings against VW

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor wants criminal proceedings against Volkswagen and the car dealer Amag in connection with the Exhaust scandal to adjust. “Based on the previous (…) investigative work, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has come to the preliminary conclusion that from a criminal law perspective there is no sufficient basis for issuing a penalty order or for bringing charges,” the authority announced. The Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) had previously reported on it.

The authority opened the criminal case in December 2016. Amag is the Swiss general importer of the Volkswagen brands. Among other things, it was about the suspicion of commercial fraud. The accused were accused of having known about the exhaust gas manipulation and thus of having harmed around 175,000 buyers and lessees in Switzerland between 2008 and 2015.

During the emissions scandal, millions of diesel vehicles at VW were manipulated in such a way that they had low emissions in official tests, but were significantly more harmful to the environment in normal use than on the test bench.

It is the presumption of innocence”

A request for legal assistance made to the public prosecutor in Braunschweig in 2017 had not been answered, the Swiss federal prosecutor said. Amag had checked extensive data sets and questioned a former company representative.

Before a final decision by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, accused and private plaintiffs could still express themselves and submit additional evidence, said the authority. And: “The presumption of innocence applies to all those involved in the proceedings.” (dpa-AFX / gem)

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