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There is a prize draw on Mobilarena, with ten questions and five prizes waiting for players.


We used to have a sweepstakes, but now in partnership with EarFun can be haunted again good luck. The brand known for its headset is 5 pcs Earfun Free Pro 2 TWS headsetet draws among our readers who have completed the quiz correctly. The game started on November 8th, with a new question updated every day for 10 days, after which players have two more days to reconsider their choices and answer each question to the best of their ability.


For most of the answers, it is enough to know the basic search solutions, obviously it helps a lot that if you get lost in EarFun, we hope that the questions can be given clear and exact answers. Registered users of the Prohardver family of cards can participate in the game after logging in, the related forum topic it is possible to make comments, but it is still forbidden to help each other.


By the way, we will be testing our EarFun Free Pro 2 anyway, and we hope that future winners will report on their own experiences in the article forum after receiving the gift, which will be delivered by EarFun. Have a good game, good luck to everyone! Sweepstakes here.

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