Electric car: VW plans new plant for Trinity

In the competition with Tesla, Volkswagen will in all likelihood build its own plant for its fundamentally new Trinity electric model. The car factory is to be built near the headquarters in Wolfsburg, as Europe’s largest car company announced on Tuesday evening. However, the supervisory board still has to give its final approval to the decision.

The project is considered to be one of the key points in the investment strategy for the next five years. According to the information, the Trinity project will be housed in a separate production facility – a kind of “second Wolfsburg plant” is planned. According to estimates from corporate circles, its construction could cost at least a few hundred million euros.

Completely newly developed vehicle

“The new factory is to be built on the green field outside the factory fence,” explained the company. “Various locations in the vicinity of Wolfsburg come into question.” The end of the planning round, which was actually planned for this Friday (November 12th), had recently been postponed to December 9th – a final decision may be made by then.

Trinity is expected to be fully operational in 2026. It is a completely redesigned vehicle system in which the most modern electric drives as well as largely self-programmed software, networking and autonomous driving technologies from VW are to be used. To do this, the brand uses a further developed platform called SSP, which its subsidiaries should also be able to access.

Attack on Tesla

A total of more than 40 million cars are to be built on this technical basis. The largest German company wants to attack the US rival Tesla, which is already about to start its new “Gigafabrik” in Grünheide near Berlin.

Core brand boss Ralf Brandstätter explained: “The competitive pressure is increasing – not least on our own doorstep. We have to make Wolfsburg fit for the future now.” A production time of ten hours per car is feasible. “The main plant on the Mittelland Canal will then be thoroughly modernized based on this model,” VW said. (dpa / swi)

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