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Significantly fewer vehicles were detected in the emissions test in recent months than in previous years. The average defect rate fell from 6.3 percent in 2019 to 5.9 percent last year, said the Central Association of the German Motor Vehicle Industry (ZDK).

The more than 30,000 commissioned AU workshops counted around 1.3 million deficiencies in the emission test on cars and commercial vehicles (AU) and motor vehicles (AUK) in 2020. Around 718,000 of the total of almost 12.1 million AU-compulsory vehicles examined were emissions-related Defects found.

Double testing of the measuring devices is not necessary

Of the vehicles complained about, over 342,000 vehicles could be repaired as part of maintenance, inspection or repair and thus returned to the permissible emission level. This did not succeed with the remaining 376,000.

The official abolition of the double testing (verification and calibration) of the exhaust gas measuring devices brings relief for the workshops. The measure already resolved by the Federal Council in mid-September has now been published in the Federal Law Gazette (third ordinance amending the measurement and calibration ordinance MessEV). This means that the recognized AU workshops are no longer obliged to apply for calibration from the calibration authority.

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