Finally, Peloton adds a pause button to the fitness videos

With the pause button, Peloton has added a new function to its own on-demand courses for its bike and bike + devices.

Peloton’s pause button – actually standard or not?

In all honesty, I was a bit surprised by the news because I thought that a pause feature was standard in on-demand fitness classes these days. But it does not seem so. At least Peloton has now made this function available for the Bike and Bike + courses.

Somewhat irritating is that it doesn’t seem to be available for all devices. The Tread treadmill will get a similar update at some point “in the future” – but at the moment the runs have to be run all at once.

Of course, it is easy to joke from the outside about the lack or addition of the pause function. For Peloton, however, this means a little more effort. This has to do with the ranking lists – which are very popular with users – and the ranking system. Adding a pause button could compromise the integrity of these metrics, allowing unscrupulous users to take a break, take a short breather, and then continue exercising with maximum effort to skew their ranking.

However, pausing a workout will automatically cause users to lose their rank on the leaderboard (although all other common metrics, challenges, achievements, and personal records remain unchanged). Paused users will continue to appear in the Here Now app and will also receive high fives from other Peloton users.

The rollout of the new function has already started on the Bike and Bike +.

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