Fitbit Charge 5 gets EKG function!

From now on Fitbit is rolling out the ECG function for its latest fitness tracker Charge 5.

Fitbit Charge 5 – Daily Readiness Score und EKG-Funktion

In September, Fitbit released the Charge 5, its first fitness tracker with a color display and a brand new design. When it was launched, two important software functions were missing that will finally be introduced with the latest update: the ECG function and the daily readiness score.

The EKG app measures your heart rhythm to detect atrial fibrillation. To take the measurement, open the app and place your fingers on the stainless steel plates on both sides of the Charge 5. The measurement takes 30 seconds and you can see the remaining time on the wearable. Then the result appears on the display.

The Daily Readiness Score uses your recorded data from the Fitbit app and shows you whether you are ready for training again or you need more time to regenerate. The score compares your last activity, your sleep and your heart rate with your personal starting value. The result is shown to you using a score. For the Daily Readiness Score, however, you need a paid premium subscription from Fitbit.

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You can also calculate the Daily Readiness Score with the Fitbit Versa 3. You can see what else it has to offer in the following video:


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