Google Docs has a new review system for important documents

Google Docs is implementing a new dynamic that makes it easier to work with documents in teams.

It is adding a new review system to keep track of important documents, allowing those responsible to follow up on all the changes applied.

New Google function for reviewing working documents

After two years of being in beta, the review system for Google Docs it is being officially implemented. A new dynamic that will make it easier to keep track of important documents when working in a team.

When there are several collaborators working on the same document the comment system and the different versions are usually enough for teamwork to be effective. However, there are documents that need extra care and review. For example, technical, legal documents, contracts, etc.

In this case, Google Docs allows you to designate users to fulfill the role of “reviewers” in certain documents. These are the ones who will have to approve each change or edition that is made to the document, following a very simple system.

To begin with, you must specify the list of users who will be the reviewers, as well as all the corresponding details. For example, a description, document terms, editing rules, expiration date, etc. can be added.

Once this system is established, Google sends each reviewer an email when a change is implemented to the document to review the latest version. So no edition will be applied in a definitive way until those responsible review it and give their approval.

It is important that all decision makers owe your approval or everyone’s requests for approval will be rejected. It is a simple and effective system that will save you from having to repeatedly attach a document to receive approval from your bosses as you make changes. In this way, the whole process is always done in Google Docs.

This new feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. One detail to keep in mind is that it will not be available for personal accounts.

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