Google Nest Hub – Get weatherman and photo preview in the app

Google is once again working in the background and already distributes some changes to the photo settings in the Google Home app. The update takes place on the server side, when it occurs to you, you have no influence on that yourself. In addition, the popular little weather frog Froggy is now on the Google Nest Hub.

Google Home app – settings for photos

In the US, some users have already received advanced settings for selecting albums on the Nest Hub. Instead of a grid of the last albums, there is now a kind of carousel, which roughly corresponds to the approach of the settings menu on the Nest Hub.

“Select family and friends”, “Recent Highlights” and “Favorites” are displayed first, then the created albums are displayed in reverse chronological order. The biggest change is a second “preview” carousel for images. This allows you to scroll through to see which individual images and in which order will be shown next on the Nest Hub. On iOS, an example of the time and weather is also displayed, on Android you can only see the pictures.

Weatherman for the Google Nest Hub

There is also an innovation in the setting Picture Frame (either in the Settings app or Picture Frames on the Nest Hub). Scroll all the way down, there is the option “Google weatherman“- A lovable frog shows you how the weather will be with an animated display – in addition to photos. You can “Hide” or “Show” Froggy.

Froggy then happens to appear every now and then when the image changes on the display of the Nest Hub.

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