Hue Essentials now includes support for Gradient products

Personally, I can relate to the look of Hue Essentials (Apple/Android) still don’t really make friends, but that’s a matter of personal taste in the end. It is clear that the app offers numerous functions that are not offered in the Hue app.

The update to version 1.17.0 now adds a function that was originally introduced with the Hue app: Gradient products can be colored with color gradients.

“Set multiple colors for Hue gradient lights with the color picker. Compatible with the Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip, the Hue Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip and the Hue Gradient Signe, ”explains the development team.

After a first look at the app, I actually couldn’t find the new function myself. In the end, however, a little video that was sent to me by the creators of the app helped me. The best thing to do is see for yourself:

“You can set colors (up to five) on the gradient devices using the third tab on the color selection screen. There you first select a color and then touch the color bar above to set the color for a segment, ”explains Thomas, one of the developers.

In my opinion, this is not really an intuitive solution, but once you have understood the principle, it works without any problems – and then even offers more options than the Hue app, in which you can only set three colors.

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