Instagram prepares subscriptions for creators

Paying a monthly fee to access the exclusive content of a specific profile on Instagram, that is what the platform is preparing, a well-known model among those who already use something similar with Patreon, for example.

Creators on Instagram have very few options to monetize their content within the app. They can make money with external associations, with publiposts and affiliate links in the stories, but until now Instagram did not give anything native to help with the subject.

That is changing, and samples have already appeared in the platform code indicating that the Instagram subscriptions they are almost ready to appear publicly. Some transactions with the description of “Instagram subscriptions” have already been recorded, ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 4.99, but it may only be being tested among a very small group of creators in the United States.

The data reported in TC, where we can see the screenshots of said transactions and some information in more detail:

Sensor Tower confirms that the first “Instagram Subscriptions” in-app purchase was added to its US App Store listing on November 1 at the price of $ 4.99. The $ 0.99 in-app purchase was added a couple of days later, on November 3.

You can also see transactions related to badges that followers can gift to a creator during a broadcast to support their content.

Being a successful creator on social media requires a talent few have, and it is necessary to facilitate the monetization of that content so that your work can continue to be carried out without interruption.

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