Limited Mars Edition G3 Camera Hub

The Aqara G3 camera should be released in November. Now a limited Mars edition has appeared.

Aqara G3 Mars Edition with special packaging

The G3 Camera Hub from Aqara is already available in China, but the launch in Germany is still a long way off. The camera can be integrated into HomeKit, but is particularly interesting because of the gesture control. So you can use different hand signals to trigger automations via the camera.

A limited Mars edition of the Aqara G3 has now appeared in China, in which the camera looks like a little astronaut in the Mars mission look. The camera comes in a special packaging that has also been thematically adapted.

Picture: Aqara

However, the range of functions does not differ from the normal version of the camera. It looks like the Mars edition will only be available in China. It’s a shame, because I think it’s really chic.

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