Peloton and his guide rely on smart strength training!

For a long time it was speculated that Peloton should also have a device for strength training in development and this has now been presented in the form of “Guide”.

Peloton Guide – smart strength training at home

In contrast to the other products, the Peloton Guide is almost a bargain for just under 500 €. But what is and can the new device actually do?

The Peloton Guide is a device that is equipped with an AI-enabled camera and can be connected to your TV or monitor at home using an HDMI cable. You can then select and start your workout from a training library. The camera tracks your movements during the activity and you can also see your progress over the entire duration of the training. In addition, your picture is transferred from the camera to the screen so that you can see whether you are doing the exercise according to the trainer’s instructions. It is also possible to see which muscle groups you have trained and Peloton Guide recommends courses that focus on the muscles that you have missed. The device also offers the option of activating voice control with which you can start, stop, rewind and fast-forward the guide.

The equipment required for the exercises is not included, so you either have dumbbells, exercise mats, etc. at home or have to buy them beforehand.

The Peloton Guide is announced for the beginning of 2022 in the USA and should also be available in Germany a short time later.

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