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The Formula 1 World Championship enters its decisive phase. The second stop of the triplet will be the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, which this year opens its name to the detriment of Brazil but continues to be the traditional Interlagos race, only with more local and less state investment.

In addition, in Brazil, the third and last classification to the sprint of the season returns, the short race on Saturday that will serve to determine the order of the starting grid. And for those of you who are superstitious, keep in mind that the two previous accidents between Max Verstappen and Lewis HamiltonAt Silverstone and Monza, they were in Grand Prix with sprint qualifications.

Verstappen is the favorite for two victories that could be worth a world cup

Stroll Mexico F1 2021

When looking for a favorite for this Grand Prix you have to look at Max Verstappen. The world championship leader should have a weekend quite similar to that of Mexico if we consider that Red Bull has historically always done very well in Interlagos, even in seasons of Mercedes dominance.

In fact, before the start of the seasons they are always placed at Mexico and Brazil as the two circuits most favorable to Red Bull due to their height, which lowers the density of the air and favors cars with more aerodynamics, a section in which the Red Bull reigns. Verstappen already swept in 2019 and in 2018 only one dubbed, Esteban Ocon, prevented it.

Gasly Mexico F1 2021

Of course, this does not mean that Mercedes has no chance. Mexico is pure Red Bull territory and yet Valtteri Bottas achieved pole position while Lewis Hamilton started from second on the grid. If Mercedes can maintain that speed in qualifying, it will not be so easy for them to beat them at Interlagos.

In the middle zone we should be before another more favorable circuit for FerrariNot only because they come in better dynamics but because their aerodynamics should help you against McLaren’s powerful Mercedes engine. Those of Maranello gave a blow to the table in Mexico, and now they could almost leave the third place of marks sentenced.

Latifi Mexico F1 2021

Another fight that will be very tense is the one that they maintain Alpha Tauri and Alpine for fifth place in constructors, now that the Red Bull subsidiary has advanced Fernando Alonso’s team, although they are tied on points. Interlagos should be a somewhat more favorable track for Alpine than Mexico was, but cooling issues will continue.

With 19 points of advantage in the world championship, if Verstappen achieved a double victory in Brazil, both in the sprint qualifying and in the race, he could hit an almost definitive blow to the championship, as well as putting Red Bull ahead in the constructors’ championship. It’s all or nothing for Mercedes.

Interlagos, circuit of the two coronations of Fernando Alonso

Alonso Brazil F1 2021

This year’s will be the first Sao Paulo Grand Prix in history, although the name is only released for economic reasons, since Interlagos has previously hosted 37 editions of the Brazilian Grand Prix. One of the most legendary circuits on the calendar where many titles have been decided lately.

In 2005 and 2006 Interlagos hosted the two coronations of Fernando Alonso as world champion of Formula 1, and also in 2007, 2008 and 2009 the champion was proclaimed there, in Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button respectively. The last case was that of Sebastian Vettel in 2012.

Vettel Brasil F1 2012

The driver who has won the most races at Interlagos is Michael Schumacher with four wins, followed by Sebastian Vettel with three. Curiously, it is a circuit that Lewis Hamilton has never been particularly good at, with two victories. By brands Ferrari dominates with nine wins, one more than McLaren.

As for the Spaniards, curiously they have never won any at Interlagos, despite all the good memories. Fernando Alonso, in addition to his two titles, was on the podium eight times, while Carlos Sainz also achieved his first drawer in Formula 1 there, in the 2019 season.

The schedules change due to the difference with Brazil

Mazepin Mexico F1 2021

Let us remember that there has been a change this year in television rights in Spain. Is now DAZN who owns them exclusively, although Movistar + will continue to click their signal on the DAZN F1 channel. It seems that in Brazil there will be no weather surprises, as dry weather is expected for the entire weekend.

As for the schedules, logically we will have a very important change with respect to the traditional European ones, due to the time difference with Brazil. The race will start on Sunday at 18:00, but the sprint qualifying will be delayed on Saturday until 20:30. Totally night hours.

GP times in Sao Paulo 2021

  • Friday 12

    • (FP1) Free practice: 16:30
    • (Q) Qualifying: 20:00
  • Saturday 13

    • (FP2) Free practice: 16:00
    • (QR) Sprint classification: 20:30
  • Sunday 14

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