Snapdragon went with 898 in a tablet test

It could be Samsung’s top-of-the-line machine next year.


It’s not just mobiles that are preparing to deploy the Snapdragon 898 expected at 4nm: the SM-X808U based on the code name a Galaxy Tab S7+can be inferred from a tablet following, and since the device did not pop out of someone’s brain, but a Geekbenchhas visited and even passed the processor test, which is already quite tangible evidence of the existence of the giant-screen machine.

Running Android 12 Galaxy Tab S8+ it could bring definite hardware advancement, being its immediate predecessor in August 2020, so Snapdragon deployed 865+. This is underlined by the convincing 1211 and 3193 accurate single and multithreaded processor test results for the upcoming device. The industry expects the Snapdragon 898 with one Cortex-X2 (3 GHz), three Cortex-A710 (2.5 GHz) and four Cortex-A510 cores (1.79 GHz), and if you’re testing it on a Samsung tablet, that the gadget will be used at the beginning of the year instead of summer.

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